10 ML Multi-Colored Resin Ball Roll-on Bottles (3-pack)

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Roll-on glass bottles are an easy and mess-free way to apply your favorite essential oils and blends to your skin. This multi-colored three-pack allows you to color code your creations for easy organization.

Use these multi-colored glass roll-on bottles to make the application of your favorite essential oil blends more effective. Whether you use a single oil, an oil blend, or your favorite massage oil, the roll-on tops allow you to apply the oil directly where you want it and do so evenly and smoothly. Best of all, these roll-on bottles are easy to use: Simply add oil blends to the bottle using a glass dropper or pipette, snap the roll-on ball to the top, and roll away your aches, worries, and stresses.  

What’s Included: Three 10 ML glass roll-on bottles with resin roller. Bottles come in green, pink, and clear. Silver caps are included.

Size: Bottles are 3 ¼” high and ¾” in diameter. Bottles hold 10 ML, or about ⅓ ounce, of liquid.  

How to Use:

  1. Add desired liquid to the roll-on glass bottles. If you are using essential oils, you will likely have best results if you also use a carrier oil to make the roll-on bottle roll more evenly. (Try using our glass droppers or pipettes for the easiest transfer of oils.)
  2. While holding the bottle upright, carefully and firmly push the roller top onto the mouth of the bottle until it clicks into place.
  3. Label your bottle so you don’t forget what’s inside.
  4. Store bottles upright to prevent spills.


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