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100 Easy Healthy Habits Audio Coaching Series: Uplifting Habits for the Mind, Body and Soul
 by Tara Rayburn, The Healthy Habit Coach    Run time: 7 1/2 hours 8 CD’s 
Tara Rayburn carefully and creatively explains how to choose the best habits for you and then shares 100 Easy Healthy Habits to support your journey for better health. This self paced series is not the “book on tape” but rather goes deeper and shares personal stories for you to really absorb and practice these life changing habits.
Your health is affected more by your daily choices than by your health care plan. In fact, the best “health care plan is to care for your health” daily. 100 Easy Healthy Habits is a great guide for infusing your life with sustainable, health supporting habits. You will start with a simple explanation of how to choose the best habits for you and your family along with clear “What, Why and How To” practices for each habit. Habits will weave in nutrient rich foods, essential oils and great old world wisdom tweaked for our times.
There is no perfect diet or exercise, and there is no one size fits all mentality here. Instead there are principles for healthy living packaged in easy to understand and follow habits. This family friendly book and audio series can be absorbed separately, but are best absorbed together as a wonderful crash course and a wealth of resources to support your wellness journey. Fantastic gift for anyone at any level of health and wellness. This self paced series is great for groups, families and individuals as well as a terrific “how to” guide for health professionals to provide for their clients.
For Ongoing Tips, Recipes and Support visit: 100EasyHealthyHabits and TheHealthyHabitCoach.com
Other books by this author: Essential Gluten Free Recipes by Tara Rayburn and Mary Vars
**Note: This is not a book on tape. The audio series works well by itself, but is best digested along with the 100 Easy Healthy Habits Book.
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