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Learn about your individual biochemical makeup and how to eat accordingly with the help of Rudolf A. Wiley. In this fascinating book, Wiley makes a compelling case for how the food we eat affects the way we feel and see the world.

If you have ever had a doctor tell you that your ailments were all in your head or caused by stress, BioBalance 2 is a book that will help you find answers. In this sequel to bestseller BioBalance: The Acid/Alkaline Solution to the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle, Rudolf A. Wiley argues that acid/alkaline chemical imbalances in our bodies are responsible for many of our most common health complaints. In this second volume, WIley shows you how to determine your BioProfile without the use of blood tests or lengthy questionnaires and how to apply a nutritional regimen that is appropriate for your metabolic type. Start healing your body from the inside out by learning from Wiley how to eat in a way that complements your individual biochemical makeup.   

Overview of Topics:

  • What is BioBalance therapy?

  • The premier nutritional program

  • Your personal metabolic makeover

  • Nutritional regimen for alkaline metabolizers

  • Nutritional regimen for acid metabolizers

  • Nutritional regimen for mixed mode metabolizers

Product Details:

Pages: 198

Chapters: 8

Published: 2002

Size: 6” x 9” x ½”

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