Legacy Books FAQs

LSP “Legacy Books” FAQs


Is LSP cutting ties with Young Living?

No, we are not cutting ties with Young Living.  We've always been a 3rd party publisher. We remain loyal to everyone we know and love at Young Living. We are excited to release new education and products at the beginning of the new year that will serve as references, tools, and resources for your favorite YL products.


Is LSP moving to a completely digital platform?

No. While we are excited to offer more digital content, we will continue to print and sell physical copies of our products.


Why the sudden change in price?

We did not anticipate this change coming so fast, but with certain events, we have had to push forward. The change in price comes because they are now specialty items that will not be reprinted in the same way moving forward. As a business, we have to cover our costs, and with the increased demand, we have experienced increasing costs. We understand the frustration, and are doing a tier pricing right now for Preferred Members (PMs) to offset the change of price. If you go to the website and login with your PM credentials, you should be able to see the tier pricing options.


Will the app continue to run, and will it be updated to include more content?

Yes, the current app will be available indefinitely! We plan to launch a whole new platform of printed and digital educational tools to be released in the new year. Although these tools will not be the exact same as the current reference guides, they will provide valuable education and serve as tools for your essential oils as our legacy books have for so many years.


Is this an issue with compliance? Will the new materials have less information?

Education has, and will always be our focus. We are creating new material in the best interest of essential oil education everywhere and want to stress that the new material will contain just as valuable and informative education as our legacy collection.


Since the LSP Legacy Reference Materials are no longer being printed, does that mean I can copy them or reproduce them to share personally or in my online shop?

No. The LSP Legacy Reference Materials are copyrighted. The copyright belongs to LSP. LSP will legally protect these copyrights and pursue anyone that violates copyright law.

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