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Most of us are flooded with toxic chemicals each day without ever knowing it. Create a healthy, toxin-free environment for your family using Stacey Kimbrell’s invaluable and informative guide to a chemical-free home and body.

The average person takes in an astounding amount of toxic substances each day. A large number of these chemicals come from the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use, and the containers we hold those foods and cosmetics in. In Living Balanced: Healthy Mind & Body Reference Guide, Stacey A. Kimbrell details the most common chemicals found in everything from toothpaste to milk to toys. Kimbrell also offers a multitude of recipes for homemade cleaners, detergents, and personal care products using pure essential oils. Start living in a healthier environment today by getting educated on how to avoid the toxins that surround us.

Overview of Topics:

  • The toxins found in common sweeteners, cooking oils, soda, hot dogs, french fries, milk, soy, aspartame, and more

  • Why MSG, mold, and microwaves are so bad

  • Toxic plastic bottles and containers

  • Top 25 harmful or carcinogenic ingredients in our homes

  • The effects of chemicals: inflammation, immune systems under attack, acidosis, and more

  • The Master Cleanse

  • Liver, Gallbladder, and Kidney Stone Cleanse

  • The power of enzymes

  • Candida diet

  • Water

  • Top fungus foods to avoid

  • The clock diet

  • Meatless sources of protein

  • A guide to natural sweeteners

  • Coconut and olive oil

  • Toxin free cleaning products

  • 9 essential oils for every home

  • Toxic chemical cheat sheet

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Pages: 147

Chapters: 3

Published: 2012

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