Loving Your Weight Off

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Achieve the body you desire using the power of love. Author Londin Winters shows you how in this powerful metaphysical fitness book.

Have you ever binged on unhealthy food, then deprived yourself to make up for it? Do you obsess over your weight and the way you look to the point that this obsession monopolizes your life? Loving Your Weight Off is a gift for anyone who has lost connection with their inner voice. In Loving Your Weight Off, Londin Winters details how she got in the best shape of her life physically and mentally by combining healthy practices with spiritual awareness and self-love. If you’re tired of the roller coaster of self-loathing and compensation, let Winters show you how to change your body for good and enjoy the process as you become kinder to and more in tune with yourself.

Overview of Topics:

  • Understanding the marriage between practical and spiritual

  • Showing up for yourself no matter what

  • Embracing the fat to shed the fat

  • Telling the truth about your body

  • Listening to your cravings

  • Being willing to be radiant

  • Getting your blood sugar right so the cravings wane

  • Numbers+Timing+Food Journal=Success

  • Eating less and feeling full

  • Working out correctly

  • Preparing

  • Keeping Score

  • Staying lean forever

Product Details:

Pages: 133

Chapters: 27

Published: 2014

Size: 6” x 9” x ¼”

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